The 10 Commandments


So I got this idea from Ben Bruno and I decided that Latitude 32 Fitness needs a set of 10 Commandments.


  1. Thou shalt not speak while Grand Master Sensei is speaking.
  2. There is always time to workout, even when you don’t think there is.
  3. If thou haves a joke then thou shall share thy joke
  4. Consistency is thy key. If you’re not happy with your results then try being consistent.
  5. This should have been number 1. Training will always help you jiu jitsu.
  6. If your friends don’t workout or have the desire to workout. Then thou needs new friends.
  7. Thy Glutes, Core, and Lats will be engaged 50% of the time about 110% of the time.
  8. High Five, Bump, Elbow, hand hug or hug everybody before you leave the facility.
  9. Put down thy sugar, eat more protein, drink water, eat veggies at least once a day and rest as much as possible.
  10. Speed hides dis-function. So chill out and mind thy form
If thou abides by these rules, then you shall receive everlasting results.
I know that a few of these are silly but, it brings a fun and friendly environment, that is business in the front and a party in the back.
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