How to Set Goals


**read the whole thing, this will benefit everyone**

What is the 90-Day Goals?

The 90-Day-Goals gives you a solid foundation that holds you accountable for your fitness. Everyone works-out for different reasons and it’s important to set goals, so you have something to reach for. Otherwise, you’re just coasting along wondering if you’re improving or why you’re not seeing any results. That’s why I want EVERYONE to come in this Saturday, at 10am, so we can start the new year off right.

Here are a few examples:

For someone wanting to lose weight or tone (which is a made up word lol)

Outcome Goal:

I want to lose 20lbs of body fat or drop 8% body fat, maybe drop 4 inches on my waist.

Why an outcome goal?

We need something that’s concrete that we can track.

Behavior Goal:

Come to the gym 4 days a week and hike 1 day outside of the gym.

Why this?

Strength training improves your metabolism (burning more calories at rest) and is the foundation of systems training. If you don’t have strength then you don’t have crap.

Performance Goal:

Running an 8 min mile, or even running a mile, maybe perform 50 deep squats unbroken.

Why a Performance Goal?

This can be exciting and can be a driving reason to come to the gym when you don’t feel like it. It’s important to see your true athlete come out of its shell.

A Runner or Gym rat:

Outcome Goal:

Add 1-2 inches of lean muscle mass on glutes or lose that stubborn second wave that jiggles when you wave.

Behavior Goal:

Complete 2-3 strength training sessions a week. Building strength will increase force output per stride. It will give the runner a more efficient running economy and a longer stride. Plus a bigger engine which is always nice.

Performance Goal:

Become more explosive with a 150lb Power Snatch or cut 2 minutes off an 6-8 mile run.

Building muscle/ getting stronger:

Outcome Goal:

Increase chest size, arm size, lower body fat percentage or maintain.

Behavior Goal:

Strength train 3-4 days a week with an emphasis to drink a protein shake after the workout.

Performance Goal:

Deadlift 300lbs, Front Squat 200lbs, broad Jump 12ft, Power Clean 200lbs, or perform 12 strict pull-ups

You can go for max reps, max strength, or power.

Even if you’re injured or have had a history  of back pain (like me), it is still important to set performance goals that make your weaknesses a new found strength.

Tracking is Key

What’s nice about setting these goals is they are trackable. If you didn’t hit your 90-Day-Goals from last quarter, then ask yourself why? Did you lack motivation? Was your outcome goal reached? What about your behavior goal? Did you reach or come close to your performance goal?

To be honest it’s up to YOU to reach these goals and it’s 100% possible. YOU have to be committed and find a strong reason behind WHY you want to lose weight, build muscle or get stronger.

A WHY is the driving force behind the workout. Some are weak, which don’t last very long, and some are strong, which the most consistent people have in the gym. Even if they haven’t written it down, the people who are losing weight, getting stronger and work their ass off, have a strong and powerful WHY.

A few examples of Weak Why’s:

A nice ass

Looking good in a bikini

I want big arms

Develop a shredded 6 pack bro

I want to be skinny.

These examples aren’t deep enough and won’t inspire you to come to the gym when you don’t feel like it.

Strong Why’s:

I’m looking to create a new spark in my relationship with my husband or wife.

I want to have a strong physique so I can feel more confident in myself with everything I do. If it’s at work, dating life or in a social environment.

I’ll set an example for my kids on how to live a healthy lifestyle. They need to see me grow and set goals for myself, so they know that’s what successful people do. My kids will know it is possible to set goals and achieve them.

I want to live as long as possible, so I can play with my grandchildren and spend time with my family.

A higher quality of life. I want to be able to experience life and have no insecurities holding me back.

A strong WHY needs to be emotional and some of the time having pain behind it is ok.

I know for me, I was chubby when I was a kid and my friends let me know it. Their words hurt and I will never forget that. That is apart of my WHY and it makes me work, because I don’t ever want to feel that way again. I felt like I had low self esteem, didn’t feel energetic like everyone else, was made fun of and I knew it wasn’t the best version of myself. There’s other pains that came along with it, but try to find your Why. Find your driving force which has no other option but to succeed.

My 90-Day-Goals:

Outcome Goal:

Maintain bodyweight and lose 2-3% body fat.

Behavior Goal:

Strength train 2-3 days a week on top of jiu jitsu. With a primary focus on DL, Bench Press, and OH Squats.

Performance Goal:

Trap bar Deadlift 315 for 5 reps,

Bench 175 for 15 reps, OH squat 135 for 5 reps. 3 goals is too much but these are the lifts that I’m going to track.

My NEW Why (on top of the one I just said)

I want to crush a Black belt from the Jiu Jitsu gym. He whoops my ass every time we roll and I want to take it to him. I’m tired of feeling like I’m getting mauled by him on the mat. I’m going to use strength and athleticism to prove to myself that I can hold my own.

This is very specific for me and kind of comical/ ridiculous but it gives me motivation to get to the gym and execute the workout properly, no matter what. When I’m tired and some BS excuse pops up in my head, this vision makes me move.

Think about this and find your why. There’s no better feeling of setting a goal in front of you and absolutely crushing it.

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