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Your Inner Talk

“Those who can’t change their mind, cannot change”

So I think this is important and I hope this means something to you. 

I want to talk about your “inner talk.”

There are two types of inner talk with two types of people, with two completely different results. 

People who are successful with losing weight, building muscle, getting healthy and reaching their goals have positive self talk. 

I can see it within them. They show up and put in some serious work. I can see it on their face and how they uphold themselves, how they eat and how they execute their workouts. 


Positive or Powerful Self Talk

-This is going to help me reach my goal.

-I’m going to get stronger.

-I will lose this weight.

-I will find enjoyment out of the process.

-I’m going to do this no matter what.

-This is who I am and this is what I do.

-I’ve done this before and I’m going to do it again.

-I can do this.

-Nothing can stop me.

-I’m going to make this workout/ exercise my B***h.  (Some positive self talk is more intense than others but it’s yours. So whatever works for you is fine.)

-Eating healthy isn’t so bad, it’s enjoyable to see what I can do.

-I can get this done because I know I’m going to feel better when I accomplish it. 

I’m not saying that successful people don’t have times where they have negative talk. They just know how to combat it and endure all of the B.S.

Some ways to block negative talk (and I have these battles all the time when it comes to jiu jitsu)


The Negative Talk

-I’m too tired.

-I don’t have to workout today.

-I can eat that pizza or drink that beer, I deserve it.

-I’m too busy.

-I don’t have time.

-I can’t commit right now.

-I’m coming back from being sick and I don’t feel like it.

-I can’t do this.

-I’m injured so I don’t have to today. 

-This is too hard I’m never going to lose this weight.


Ways I Combat It

-I’m going to be mad at myself if I don’t go and do it, because I know I can and should.

-Not working out today is not going to get me any closer to my goal and what if I can’t workout tomorrow? So I might as well go now.

-I’m going to feel like crap later if I eat that or drink that. Plus I’ll be that much further from my goal.

-This is a priority so I must make time for it. I’m really not that busy, I’m just feeling lazy and that’s not who I am.

-I might feel like crap now but if I go in I’ll get my mind off it and I might feel better when I’m done. I’ll never know if I don’t go and I’ll regret it if I don’t. (This does not apply when you are sick, this is post sickness)

-Even though I might be injured, there is always something that I can do. 

-Shut up Lucifer (devil on your shoulder)

-The only way to know if I can do this is if I try. (Try is thrown around a lot, this try is 100% not just something applied with 50-70% effort)

-I’m sick of feeling this way and I’ve seen people get results from it, so I have nothing to lose and everything to gain. I’m going to do this 

Be aware of what you are thinking and how you talk to yourself. If you need help combating your self talk then please reach out to me. I’m pretty much a certified black belt in it. 

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