5 Benefits to Having a Fitness Coach

The first reason why a fitness coach is so important is that they will keep you safe, during the workout. They will tell you what you’re doing wrong and what you’re doing right throughout the exercises. A good coach will point out common errors and will show you how to fix them. Then they will explain the reason why you are doing the specific exercises.

No one is above this, even Olympic Athletes have coaches to keep them true to the proper form.

A coach will learn your habits, fix imbalances and improve the overall motor control of your body mechanics.

Secondly, coaches hold you accountable to your goals. They will call you out when you need it, and will tell you to slow down when you are doing to much.

This pertains to training routines, intensity and eating habits. Sometimes people train way too much and don’t give their body an ample amount of time to recover.  Even when it comes to eating, there needs to be that figure to encourage or discourage food consumption.

Another Benefit is that they are a direct guide, leading you to your goals. A guide knows when and what steps to take and how to take those steps. The big concept that a lot of people don’t realize is that a coach can’t do the work for you.

For example, Gandalf didn’t climb mount Mordor for Frodo. Frodo had to climb through mud, fight spiders and an anorexic split personality creature to accomplish his goal. Gandalf just showed him the path and guided him.

For any questions you might have, a good coach typically knows the answer. Or, they will at least know of someone who does. A really good coach will continuously be improving.  By improving themselves they will ultimately be improving you at the same time.  They realize that there is never one answer and everything is based upon situations.

The next benefit of having a coach is proper programming. A coach typically knows the steps of making a well balanced program.  Athletes shouldn’t have to worry about writing one up. It’s hard enough to execute a workout. Yet alone, create something that involves: mobility,  strength, power, aerobic and anaerobic endurance. Not to mention the education it takes to understand what works for specific body types and the balance needed for ample recovery.

The bottom line is that everyone needs a coach. It doesn’t matter if it’s for fitness, business or destroying a ring to rule them all. Coaches are a must in order to be successful.

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