What Your Butt can do for You

The glutes are the most dynamic and functional muscle in the body. They are used to extend the hip, rotate, pivot, jump, run, lift, stabilize, accelerate and decelerate.  The glutes are the star in just about every explosive sport, when it comes to strength, speed and power.  It stabilizes the lower back and knee everytime you are walking down the street, whenever you lunge, squat and bend. They are the hidden gem that allows us to perform our daily tasks.

How to Train Them

There are several different ways to train your glutes. The fastest way to build them is through volume and tension. You can increase the tension by adding weight, time, resistance bands, and a stability variable.  Volume is increased through reps, number of exercises, and days spent building that specific body part.

Further more, one of the greatest tools for glute development is through the use of resistant bands. They can be placed around the knees or ankles depending on what movement is being done.  One of the primary functions of the glute is to pull the leg away from the centerline.  So, if you can apply extra tension, with a band, while you are preforming a correct squat, then you’re on the fast track to firmer and stronger glutes, with the help of proper nutrition of course.

Picking the Right Exercises 

The next training game plan is to pick the right exercises. Since, the glutes play a large role in extending the hip, pick movements that are very hip dominant. The deadlift, squat, kb swing, hip bridge are just a few to think about while you’re selecting primary focuses for your program.

This video below shows exercises that help activate the gluteus muscles, while making you more athletic and safe.


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