Building the Muscle Size You Want

When it comes to building lean muscle mass, here are a few techniques that can be applied to ensure your results.  The basics to building size include, time under tension, frequency, repetition ranges and periodization.

Keep in mind, an advanced lifter won’t see results as quickly as a beginner. The body has learned to become efficient and you must trick the body continuously to see results. Just how a beginner has a faster recovery period over the advanced lifter. A beginner can train more and see results faster because their body is not use to the stress. They are able to adapt and build muscle according to the stress that is applied to their routine.

Advanced lifters have to continuously change their training routine. They can change the exercise order, accessory lifts, resting period, negative and positive training techniques, and of course resting periods.

What a Workout Format Looks Like

A general workout will always start with a primary lift. For example, lets say that your main focus is chest. So the main lift for that day is going to be a Barbell Incline Press. The exercise will be 8-12 repititions depending on the intensity level. You can either rest or add a mobility exercise or even a postural exercise as an active rest.

Once you finish 4-5 sets, then you will move onto accessory lifts that compliment the primary lift. Some good lifts are: DB floor Press, Push-ups with a shoulder touch, Horizontal cable presses or flies. Once you complete 3-4 sets then make sure that you add some corrective postural work to counterbalance the presses for that day.

Here are some training techniques to build muscle size.

There are other techniques and factors that play a role in muscle development, but this is a good place to start.

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