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How are you managing your fitness?

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We want to help you!

By training instead of merely exercising.

Simply put, to us, training means setting a goal and using a systemized program in order to reach it.

Instead of talking about what we do, we’d like to show you!
Setup a consultation, or a free class for you — to start learning training fundamentals, and so we can demonstrate how we can help you attain your goals.

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At Latitude 32 Fitness, we are different from your average gym. We do not throw new members into anything that they are not ready for.

This gym has standards and movement requirements that build a strong foundation with its members.

These movements will build your confidence so you can accomplish any goal or obstacle that may be in your way.

No matter what your skill level is, at Latitude 32 Fitness we will always cater to your needs and manage your journey.


We are a group of like-minded people who value safe and essential fitness. Which means we will help guide you towards your overall wellness and performance goals.  In addition, we always have a trainer onsite to make any modifications for you.

At Latitude 32 Fitness, the staff adheres to a formula based programming system, while setting clear and attainable levels of growth. Our foundation is the fundamentals of fitness. Which allows for the coaches to develop the you to your full potential.

Most of all, no matter what skill level you are, we can help you in your journey.


Schedule Your FREE
1-on-1 Consult Now!

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